P-51 Fast and Low, Right By Cameraman

P-51 Fast and Low, Right By Cameraman | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / Combat_learjet

Don’t Blink. You Might Miss It.

Just when we thought we’ve seen and shared all the fastest, lowest and craziest flyby videos of our favorite warbirds, the internet hands us something even better. We typically peruse YouTube, but we just found that Instagram has some pretty epic plane clips too so we feel like we’re off on a whole new adventure.

This particular page on Instagram is called combat_learjet and the person who owns it curated some pretty awesome aviation pictures and videos. Honestly, we spent a lot of time looking through it and found some really awesome content to share with you guys. More to come soon. We just got to prioritize what you’ll like best. This clip is a definite “yes.”

Since this is a clip from Instagram, it plays on a loop so our apologies for that. Either way, this is probably one of the coolest P-51 flybys we’ve seen in a while. Turn up the volume and enjoy.

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