P-51 Flyby with Amazing Whistle

P-51 Flyby with Amazing Whistle | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Michael Robichaux

Still Going Strong

No matter where it flies or goes, the P-51 still has its infallible charm. This short and quick video of the Mustang shows just how amazing it sounds, especially when it “whistles”.

We are first treated with a low and sweet flyby before the pilot pulls up into the clouds, producing a very distinct whistle that transforms into thunderous applause in just a few seconds.

YouTube / Michael Robichaux

By the look of things, everyone on that farm was ecstatic to see the famous WWII-era warbird at Reklaw Fly-in. 

YouTube / Michael Robichaux

According to their website, pilots can use the air ranch’s 3,500-ft grass runway for their annual weekend Fly-In and Campout. Sounds like a great time!

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