P-51 Nooky Booky IV Loud Engine Start Up

P-51 Nooky Booky IV Loud Engine Start Up | World War Wings Videos

Wikimedia CC / Andrew Palmer

Insane Sound!

In this footage, we get to witness the P-51 Nooky Booky IV loud engine start-up. Got to say, it’s one of the coolest planes ever made and nothing could ever beat the sound of the Merlin engines! There’s definitely something about old birds that makes them special. 

Instagram / @theflyingbulls

Additionally, it’s also an aircraft with a special history. It was built in 1944, and earned the name “Nooky Booky IV.” The plane was also previously owned by aviation legend Bob Hoover who was world-famous for his daring stunts until his passing in 2016.

Instagram / @theflyingbulls

What do you think of the engine start-up sound? Is it absolute music to the ears? Let us know your thoughts!

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