P-51 Pilots Gets Nice And Low For A Pass-Just AWESOME

P-51 Pilots Gets Nice And Low For A Pass-Just AWESOME | World War Wings Videos


We Thank The Pilot For That Showmanship.

This awesome flyby of one of the best fighters of World War II was brought to us by the guys from AirshowStuffVideos. They have an awesome Youtube channel which focuses on our favorite topic; aviation. Their videos never cease to disappoint, as they use great cameras which capture our favorite warbirds in HD, so there’s never any shaky, low resolution shots.

As for the footage, it’s a quick and to the point flyby of a P-51 Mustang called Baby Duck. We’ve researched this warbird and found out some interesting tidbits you’ll enjoy reading about, so here we go.

Baby Duck was delivered to the USAAF 8th AF on January 20th, 1945, but there is no indication whether or not she actually saw any action. She was then purchased by the Dominican Air Force in 1953, but was unfortunately severely damaged in 1968. She returned to the US almost two decades later and was rebuilt to be a static display. It wasn’t until 2009 that her current home, the Warbird Heritage Foundation, started her restoration to make her airworthy again.

They completed this task and she flew for the first time in 2011. The lucky man behind the stick? Vlado Lenoch, a man who has flown over a half a dozen different planes since he was 17. Clocking in over 9,000 hours, this little stunt did not put the P-51 in any danger since she was in his hands.

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