P-51D Mustang “American Beauty” vs. Jet Truck “Hot Streak II”

P-51D Mustang “American Beauty” vs. Jet Truck “Hot Streak II” | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Fight to Fly Photography

What a Face Off!

In this footage, we get to see the Olympic Flight Museum’s P-51D Mustang “American Beauty” doing a flight demo. At the end of the video, we’re also rewarded by a faceoff between the Smoke-N-Thunder Jet Truck and the Mustang. It’s also great that the video quality is so good it captures most of the deeper bass sounds that make one feel like they were actually there.

They say that the truck could reach a top speed of 350 mph, but on runways, according to the owner of this video, it can only reach up to 250. If it’s true that it could only reach 250 mph, that’s still pretty impressive, In fact, the acceleration caught on video looked pretty eye-watering as well.

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