P-51D Mustang “Ferocious Frankie” Looking And Sounding Good

P-51D Mustang “Ferocious Frankie” Looking And Sounding Good | World War Wings Videos

This Girl’s Career Started In World War II With No End In Sight

The P-51 Mustangs are the United State Air Force’s pride and joy. Serving as a long-range fighters, bombers and bomber escorts, the Mustangs became famous for their role in World War II as soon as they appeared in the air. Aside from their firepower and dogfighting capabilities, the Mustangs had an amazing range of over 2,000 miles, making them the perfect escorts for bombers taking long missions. Able to achieve speeds of over 400 mph, these flying wonders were not a welcome sight for enemy planes.

Ferocious Frankie has actually seen combat in World War II…Moved on to star in Hollywood blockbusters…And has come 2nd as a race plane during the Reno Air Races

This particular P-51 changed many hands after its stint in the war, and eventually ended up owned by The Fighter Collection. Given a complete overhaul, it was given the name ‘Ferocious Frankie’ in honor of Wallace E. Hopkins wife. Hopkins was a World War II pilot who flew 76 missions and shot down 8 Luftwaffe fighters.

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