P-51D Mustang firing 6 .50 caliber M2 Brownings

P-51D Mustang firing 6 .50 caliber M2 Brownings | World War Wings Videos

Aircorps Aviation / Youtube

This short clip we found is just epic. It’s a fully restored, airworthy P-51 Mustang that’s been anchored down to test her 6 50 caliber guns. For those who follow us on a regular basis, you know that we’re on top of the newest videos when it comes to warbirds, and this is as new as it gets.

Now, there are not a lot of videos out there of P-51s testing their guns. As a matter of fact, there are only two and we showed you the only other one some three years ago. It’s actually of the same plane, namely, the P-51 called Twilight Tear.

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