P-51D Mustang – Cost To Own

P-51D Mustang – Cost To Own | World War Wings Videos

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Owning a Mustang

At the war’s end, many Mustangs stayed where they were or were scrapped. Many of those left flying in the US today were nearly or recently completed when the war ended- about to be, but not yet shipped to Europe.

YouTube / Complete Walkaround

This video takes you through the costs of buying and maintaining a P-51 Mustang. As you already know, buying a P-51 is pretty costly, in addition, restoring and maintaining is extremely expensive. Now the purchase price would usually depend on how much TLC it got, and how recently. The purchase price of the Mustang can range from between $1,500,000- 5,000,000.

YouTube / Complete Walkaround

Currently, there are 41 Mustangs registered in the US, 25 of them being D models. Surprisingly, maintenance expertise of the P-51 is available. There are shops that specialize in P-51 maintenance as well as Merlin engine maintenance. Parts are also not that difficult to come by since third parties have also taken up manufacturing them.

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