U.S. Military Plane Overshoots Runway, Lands in Hawaii Bay

U.S. Military Plane Overshoots Runway, Lands in Hawaii Bay | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Hawaii News Now

Training Mission Gone Wrong

A US Navy reconnaissance plane overshot a Marine base runway in Hawaii during rainy weather on November 20th, prompting a quick response from the Coast Guard.

However, all rescue operations were called off after all nine of its passengers were confirmed safe.

The same cannot be said of the military aircraft in question – a P-8A Poseidon, which is often used for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. It belonged to the Skinny Dragons of Patrol Squadron 4 in Washington State, who was conducting a routine training mission at the time of the crash.

YouTube / Hawaii News Now

According to aircraft expert Peter Forman, the Poseidon’s crash might have been due to the shorter runway, coupled with the bad weather and harsh winds.

Unfortunately, the base is located on Kaneohe Bay, home to plenty of coral reefs, breeding ground for hammerhead sharks, and even a marine biology research institute of the University of Hawaii.

To keep any fuel from spreading, the military surrounded the crash site with booms. No word has been given on the exact reason as to why the plane crashed.

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