Passenger Captures Entire Crash After Learning The Carburator Iced Over

Passenger Captures Entire Crash After Learning The Carburator Iced Over | World War Wings Videos

Jonathan Fielding / YouTube

A Good Ending Considering What Happened.

This is the original footage uploaded by the man who was inside the plane capturing the entire thing with this camera phone. The crash, as you can imagine, looked very violent but everyone made it out ok, including the baby onboard.

In February 2013, Jonathan Fielding went up for a birthday flight with his wife, their seven-month-old baby, and his wife’s mother. Coincidentally, it was also his wife’s first flight ever. Talk about luck.

The celebratory flight took place in Utah and as we said before in February, so the conditions were freezing. According to the description of the incident, the carb froze and the plane instantly turned into a glider. The pilot’s first instinct was to land on one of the nearby roads, but there were way too many power lines in the way, so he headed for the fields.

“The pilot made the BEST landing given the circumstances.”-Jonathan Fielding

Having done many field landings which included ones covered in snow, the touchdown shouldn’t be a problem but the snow was really deep. As they hit the snow the landing gear dug in plunging the nose into the deep powder. As you can imagine, the plane flipped over ending up on its back.

As for the result, no one got critically injured, baby included. Fielding wrote that there were a few minor cuts and bruises and some whiplash. They all walked away from this practically unscathed.

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