These People Were In For One Of The Best Typhoon Shows Ever

These People Were In For One Of The Best Typhoon Shows Ever | World War Wings Videos

Seriously One Of The Best Edited Videos Ever.

This video comes to us from bobsurgranny, a Youtube channel which has bestowed on us many videos that we love. From F-22 Raptors to Spitfires, this guy sure knows how to film planes and edit his videos in an exciting way. For this, we thanks you.

As for the footage, it was taken during the Eastbourne International Airshow. Located in England, it just celebrated its 24 years of performing. Showcasing both civilian and military aircraft, you can enjoy anything from the Red Arrows to to the Typhoon.

If you’re the impatient type, fast forward 2:10 into the video. That’s when the Typhoon makes a sweet right turn and vapor covers it.

Speaking of which, this video is Typhoon specific. The videographer found himself a sweet spot on a cliff overlooking the water and caught some of the most amazing shots ever. Although he had multiple videos of the Typhoon, we specifically picked out this one. The reason? This video was taken later in the day so the air temperature cooled down a bit. With a hot plane making turns, guess what what you could see? Yup, awesome vapor spread all across the Typhoon’s delta wing.

Enjoy. This video is pretty awesome.


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