Pilot Banks Hard At Last Second And Lands On One Wheel

Pilot Banks Hard At Last Second And Lands On One Wheel | World War Wings Videos

It’s Not A Bad Landing, Just An Awkward One.

This event took place at the Maks Airshow back in 2009. Run out of Moscow, Russia, it draws thousands of people per year to see their International Aviation and Space Show featuring lots of aircraft they’d otherwise never see.

This time, one of the spectators captured an Su-35 as it was approaching. The first thing to notice though is the proximity of the spectators to the runway. In the States where the FAA regulates almost everything, there would be no way to get that close to one of your favorite fighters while still in the air. We appreciate that although some of you might disagree.

As for the landing, it was pretty standard, but with the proximity of the spectators it could be considered a bit hairy. The pilot approached the runway at almost a 45° angle. Close to the round, he made a last second adjustment to level the plane, touching down with one wheel at first. Then he leveled off.

To some this might seem trivial, but we find these sort of things impressive. If you think about all the tiny adjustments and work that goes into doing that, the gravity of the situation comes to light. Either way, for these pilots this is standard. For aviation lovers it’s just awesome to witness.

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