Pilot Buzzes Tower 3 Times As ATCs Lose It

Pilot Buzzes Tower 3 Times As ATCs Lose It | World War Wings Videos

Gotta Hand It To Him Though!

There are old pilot and there are bold pilots, but you hardly ever meet a old bold pilots. Such is the saying and it makes perfect sense, but when you look at this Red Bull Air race pilot, you ‘ll still find it entertaining. We guarantee that!

Say what you want, but air racers are some of the finest pilots out there, able to perform extreme maneuvers with speed and precision. We anticipate that some of you who actually hold licenses are going to go berserk when you watch this, but to be honest everyone is entitled to their opinions. We find this beyond awesome.

If you don’t have the patience to watch the whole 3 minute video, the best and closest buzz happens 17 seconds in, but he does it a couple of times. We recommend you watch the whole thing!

After digging around a bit, the only things we could find out for sure is that this is the Oakland International Airport tower and that the pilot was a Red Bull Air racer as we mentioned before. We’re assuming that they were in town practicing for an event, which is why the folks in the tower got the treat they did.

By the sounds of it, the entire crew in the tower had a blast. Can you blame them? The pilot came what seemed like inches from the glass making everyone inside laugh uncontrollably.

This is simply pure and awesome flying.

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