Pilot Fails Nose First Landing

Pilot Fails Nose First Landing | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / lucaas

Third Time’s A Charm

This plane hit the runway with its nose wheel first, resulting in it bouncing and going around.

YouTube / WingCam

They say that if the plane doesn’t want to stay on the ground, then the worst thing that a pilot can do is to force it down.

YouTube / WingCam

The second attempt wasn’t that good either. You can see the pilots struggle as the aircraft continuously veered to the left. It hit the runway so hard, it bounced in a comical way!

YouTube / WingCam

In fact, during the 0:40 mark, we actually thought that the plane would crash!

Luckily for them, the third time was a charm.

YouTube / WingCam

Imagine if that third attempt failed as well. They’d be up in the air for quite a long time!

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