Pilot Investigated After Pulling This Stunt During His Last Flight

Pilot Investigated After Pulling This Stunt During His Last Flight | World War Wings Videos

Twinka / LiveLeak

Final Stop.

This story is blowing up right now in Europe. According to reports, there were a ton of people screaming at the terminal because they thought the aircraft was about to crash. Here’s what happened.

Air Berlin, a German Airline, has been in trouble for a while. Now, they’re bankrupt and got bought out by Lufthansa, Germany’s biggest airline company. In the series of videos below, you’ll see Air Berlin’s last official passenger flight coming into Dusseldorp Airport from Miami.

Although the ATC tower approved an honorary lap for the flight, no one expected such a low and slow bank which put the plane right over a few packed terminals.

Now sure, this aircraft is perfectly capable of banking like that and no one was in danger for the most part, but keep in mind the passengers didn’t know what was happening and neither did the people on the ground. They were expecting to land so when people on the port side saw the runway all of the sudden and not level ground, it’s no wonder they were worried. As for the folks on the ground, well, when you see the videos you will understand why people were screaming.

The pilot and crew were probably having the time of their lives though.



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