Pilot Puts Down Gear For Water Landing-It Ends Accordingly

Pilot Puts Down Gear For Water Landing-It Ends Accordingly | World War Wings Videos

65854465 / YouTube

Checklists Ladies And Gentlemen. Checklists.

Mistakes happen. It’s part of life. A lot of them, however, can be avoided by simply doing what you’re supposed to do. This is especially true in aviation. In this world, there is no room for mistakes. Even a minor one can end in a catastrophe.

Case in point.

Although this video is years old, it still serves as a major lesson. Checklists were invented (you can read the tragic B-17 story here about why) in order to prevent small things becoming major disasters. When flying an aircraft, the bigger the more complicated, there are hundreds of little things you have to remember from preflight to landing and stowing. On approach, for example, you have many things to worry about. The altitude, airspeed, wind speed and of course everything in between. When your mind is full of these things, sometimes it’s difficult to think of the most obvious tasks. Like putting down the landing gear when approaching water with a float plane.

Sadly, this is what happened here. The pilot probably didn’t go over his checklist and habitually put down the gear because he was on landing approach. Wheels and water, however, don’t mix well. See for yourself below.

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