Pilot Takes Off And Lands In Tough Terrain

Pilot Takes Off And Lands In Tough Terrain | World War Wings Videos

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Piece Of Cake Apparently.

Let’s see if you guys find this as impressive as we have. We figure that for some of you, this might be old news. Hopefully, for others this might be a “holy crap” moment that we had when we saw this.

As our page has gotten bigger over the years, we started branching out a bit when it came to the content we show you. Now, before some of you get all riled up, we don’t do this blindly. What we do is test one or two videos and see your reactions. If they stick and you guys are watching, liking and sharing them, we take it as a sign that you’re into it. If not, we scrap the idea.

The plane featured here is a Super Cub, which has been modified for backcountry use.

Here’s another one. We love our vintage warbirds and we grew up on them. Then, we started getting into some more modern era jets and learned a great deal. All the pilots from Pappy Boyington to Robin Olds and others we hold dear to our hearts forever, but here we have another breed of pilots.

We actually have never seen civilian pilots landing on such terrain. Looking into it, we found an array of “Super STOL” aircraft being piloted in remote places such as Alaska, Montana or even New Zealand. These guys take off from places that some of us would have trouble walking through, yet they do it on a daily basis.

Check it out and let us know what you think. We’ve seen even more impressive things done with these light planes than this.

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