KIOWA: Co-Pilot Taking Shots at Taliban with M4 Rifle

KIOWA: Co-Pilot Taking Shots at Taliban with M4 Rifle | World War Wings Videos

Big Things Come In Small Packages- Shooting Taliban With M4 From Kiowa

Oh how we miss this cute, little, deadly chopper. The Kiowa was an awesome tiny bird with massive firepower. But you know what’s more awesome? Footage of it using its guns on the bad guys. We’re talking a cannon, and rockets that can turn enemy into saw dust. Chopped liver. Swiss cheese. You name it. And you know what’s even more awesome-er? Getting a first hand view from the pilot’s seat of how it all looks and feels to operate this bad boy.

Because of the FY 2015 defense budget, the OH-58D Kiowa was retired not too long ago, replaced by an unmanned team dealing with Apache helicopters. Apache pilots will be able to control these drones straight from the cockpit.

Anyways, in this clip we find a Kiowa hunting down some Taliban trying to flee on a motorcycle. What’s even more incredible, is the copilot is shooting at them with his rifle!

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