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About The Founder

Christian Kieffer

Founder of, Christian Kieffer has a created one of the fastest growing movements in the “pinup girls” and WWII plane nose-art industry. A photographer with a degree from the South East Center of Photographic Studies, Kieffer was chosen from over 4,000 photographers to intern at Walt Disney, which in turn launched his career shortly after graduation.

After publishing much of his work for Disney, Kieffer moved out to Los Angeles where he worked as a location scout, working on projects that included many TV commercials and movies. In 2004 he moved to Australia to focus on his photography and work on editorial images. After two years, he started a multimedia company called Elysium Multimedia with his wife Gili. Now Christian’s passion is to help bring back the pinup culture from the 1930’s and 40’s and share his work with WWII aircraft enthusiasts through extravagant Pinup Girl calendars, photoshoots, merchandise, airshow events, and has created a huge following on Facebook. Be sure to stop by and also become a fan on Facebook!