Plane Lands On A Hill, Flips Around And Takes Off In Mere Feet

Plane Lands On A Hill, Flips Around And Takes Off In Mere Feet | World War Wings Videos

Steve Henry

They’re Calling It “Having Fun.”

Sure, for those who do this kind of flying this is nothing. A piece of cake, nothing out of the ordinary and downright fun. For those of us who just love aviation and airshows, this kind of flying seems out of this world. At least to us.

Sure, these planes are light and meant to do that, but you do need to put them in skilled hands. You also need some extra room for those “you know whats” they’re lugging along with them.

“These light sport airplanes help you achieve the dream of flying into the wild unknown.”-Quote from Wild West Aircraft

For those of you not familiar with this type of flying, it’s quite common. Just because there’s no fancy landing strip or the terrain is too rough doesn’t mean that people can’t enjoy flying if not using it as a service for ferrying things.

What you’re seeing here is the Wild West Aircraft SuperSTOL. They are sold in kits and you can put them together yourself. They’re light, can accommodate any size pilot and allow them to land and takeoff from even the most remote locations.

Pretty neat for something you can buy for $36,000 brand new.

*price excludes engine and instruments 🙂 *

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