Dogfight Reenactments: All The Action You Can Handle

Dogfight Reenactments: All The Action You Can Handle | World War Wings Videos

Almost All Of Our Favorite Warbirds In One Place

This incredible footage which includes some of the best World War II fighter planes was filmed at the Planes of Fame Air Show in 2012. Titled ‘1942 Turning the Tide,’ it features some excellent piloting and dogfighting reenactments that are sure to get any aviation enthusiast excited.

In line with this particular video, here are facts about some of the warbirds during this show:

  • The Lockheed P-38 Lightning can be characterized by its distinctive twin booms in addition to the single, central nacelle. It was also called “fork-tailed devil” and had several roles including long-range escort fighter. It was also used for dive bombing and ground attacks. The turbo super-chargers muffled the exhaust which makes this aircraft relatively quiet.The design was created by Clarence “Kelly” Johnson.
  • The Japanese Zero was a very fast maneuverable aircraft that could out turn most, if not all, Allied fighters at the expense of extremely light armor. When hit, it was common for the Zero to catch fire quite easily .

Aside from these two, other famous World War 2 planes you’ll see include the P-51 Mustang, B-29 Superforteress, P-47 Thunderbolt and the F4U Corsair.

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