Planes Take Off By THEMSELVES — It’s A Crazy Phenomenon

Planes Take Off By THEMSELVES — It’s A Crazy Phenomenon | World War Wings Videos

If You Don’t Know About This, You’ll Learn Something Neat!

This is a really neat video which we’ll also accompany by a pretty great lesson for you. Yes, in the video you’ll actually witness air traffic controllers filming over the runway when all of the sudden a couple (yes! not one but a few) small, parked planes literally fly away. No pilots on board. Not remote controlled planes.

What you’ll be witnessing is a microburst. Several aircraft crashes have been attributed to this weather phenomenon which also includes a passenger Boeing 737 in 2012. They’re really deadly and can bring down aircraft of all sizes, especially during takeoff and landing.

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In laymen’s terms, a microburst is a reverse tornado. During a thunderstorm, a microburst pushes wind down through the cloud (which looks like a tornado) but doesn’t gain rotation. Instead, the downward motion of the wind makes it burst outward at the bottom forming a gust that goes back up. See the above diagram of how that actually works.

As you can imagine, if you’re flying through a microburst you can easily lose lift as the wind is pushing you down and later pushing you up as you get out of the center. Here’s what a microburst can look like.

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Although in this video you can’t actually see the microburst, it is in fact there as it lifts up these tiny planes and sends them on their way. It isn’t magic. It’s just mother nature.

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