Police Seize WWII Bomb Used As Doorstop For 40 Years

Police Seize WWII Bomb Used As Doorstop For 40 Years | World War Wings Videos

(Google Maps/Devon and Cornwall Police)

Bomb Deal.

The United Kingdom is no stranger to undetonated bombs from WWII suffering raids from the German Luftwaffe. It makes sense that a few of those munitions wouldn’t detonate only to be discovered years later. However, sometimes bomb squads aren’t always called in for these bombs especially in the strange case of this one.

It was recently reported that officers at the Heavitree Police Station seized an unexploded WWII bomb, which is a fairly routine process. However, this bomb had spent the past 40 years being used as a doorstop. Now think about that for a moment, the door could have slammed into that thing at any given moment and blown the place to pieces.

The only reason that this was brought to the attention of the police is that the owner of this bomb wanted to dispose of it because “It became rusty.” It was brought to the station as part of two-week weapon amnesty program that saw nearly 500 guns and 20,000 rounds of ammunition brought it.

There are far more intelligent uses for bombs, but using them as a doorstop unless you want to have your foot blow off. Let’s just hope that people will learn not to keep old bombs lying around from now on.

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