Powerful Animated Film Reveals The Carnage Of The Atomic Bomb [Warning Graphic Content]

Powerful Animated Film Reveals The Carnage Of The Atomic Bomb [Warning Graphic Content] | World War Wings Videos

(Renzo Kinoshita/Sayoko Kinoshita)


August 6th, 1945 was a day like any other in the city of Hiroshima, Japan as locals went about their day. The city wasn’t directly involved in the war as it was not a military site so it enjoyed relative isolation from the war. That all changed with the sound of a B-29 soaring overhead and the peaceful isolation Hiroshima knew ended with a flash of light and a bang.

The story of the atomic bomb is known all over the world but the view from the Japanese side is often omitted. The short film Pica-don by animator Sayoko Kinoshita has been used all around the world as an educational tool to show details of the suffering from the survivor’s perspective. Mother’s shielding their children from the blast, victims walking aimlessly as flesh melts off their skin, ravaged bodies falling one by one in the streets.

“We put all of our heart and soul into the making of the film ‘Pica-don’, which is one of our representative works. Based on the notes and drawings made by the unfortunate victims of the A-bomb, this film encapsulates their strong appeal for eternal world peace.”

– Sayoko Kinoshita (Pica-don Director)

Many American soldiers viewed the atomic bomb as a necessary tool to put an end to war while the Japanese view it as a crime against humanity. Many of the top American military leaders including General MacArthur and General Eisenhower opposed the atomic bomb feeling that the war was already won. Pica-don is a short film without words, it merely shows the destruction and pain the survivors endured. It is a beautiful film, but I must warn you it is very graphic and not for the faint of heart.

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