Powerful Artillery Shells Vs. Heavy Armor In Slow Motion

Powerful Artillery Shells Vs. Heavy Armor In Slow Motion | World War Wings Videos


Fire Works.

The firepower of artillery weapons is something that has been respected and feared since they were first introduced. Artillery weapons date back to the invention of gunpowder over 700 years ago and have been used in every war since. The ability to deliver a high-powered attack across a long distance is something that any army can find useful in combat.

Each culture has their own take on artillery ranging from stationary, mobile weaponry and anti-air just to name a few. Not a whole lot out there that can take such high-powered blasts but it’s always fun to play around with just how powerful these weapons can be. The Canadian Military knows just powerful these weapons can be and uses them full force against heavy armored targets.

In this video, they test several artillery weapons against heavy armor and record the explosions in slow motion. Watch in awe as these blasts blossom from a single spark into a massive destructive fireball all captured in slow motion. So check out this clip where they feature artillery shells at 105mm and 155mm.

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