Probably The Best SR-71 Blackbird RC Ever

Probably The Best SR-71 Blackbird RC Ever | World War Wings Videos


A One-Off Model

This giant RC SR-71 Blackbird is guaranteed to make your jaw drop. It is a 1:7.5 scale replica with a length of 16ft and a 7ft wingspan.

Walter Blaß did most of the construction which took approximately 2,400 hours to complete in a span of 2 years and cost around 20,000 euros to build. According to Walter, the main component used for the construction was wood.

To complete the build, he put two Frank turbines, totaling 32kg of thrust. In addition, this Blackbird has the capacity to hold 10 liters of kerosene. His son, Matthias Blaß, is the proud owner and pilot of this beautiful Blackbird. Now that is some quality father-son bonding!

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