Quick Look At The Improvised B-26 Armor

Quick Look At The Improvised B-26 Armor | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / airailimages

Pretty Cool Improvised Armor

Early B-26 Marauders underwent field modifications, giving it extra armor plating in the nose to protect the bombardier from low-level attacks. 

The film shows pretty interesting boneyard scenes. It features Captain Potter inspecting the damaged plane, finding materials he needed to make an improvised armor, and taking the things he needed from damaged plane wrecks in the boneyard. 

He unscrewed a sizable piece of armor plate from a scrapped B-26. For the armor plate behind the copilot seat, he took from a V-26 that was condemned to salvage. 

The armor plate was cut to the proper size, then hinges and fasteners are welded in place. Protection from below is taken from the waist gunner’s position, with a set of hinges, and cut down to fit the bombardier’s compartment. 

What do you think about this improvised armor? Do you think it’s a lot safer against enemy gunfire? 

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