Quick Rundown Of The SR-71 Flight Control Stick

Quick Rundown Of The SR-71 Flight Control Stick | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Air Zoo

The Blackbird’s Flight Control Stick

Air Zoo is back again with another informative YouTube Short. This time, Euan climbs inside an SR-71’s cockpit and shows us what the flight control stick looks like.

Blackbirds have a conventional control stick that operates its four elevons. According to the SR-71’s manual, it needs approximately 10lbs of force for full lateral movement, 25lbs for full forward, and 45lbs to reach the full aft position.

There are three switches on the top and another on the right side of the grip. The farthest to the left is a three-position communication switch labeled TRANS (up), INPH (down), and off (center). Next to that is a four-way pitch and yaw-axis TRIM switch.

After that is a dual-purpose CSC/NWS switch to activate the autopilot Control Stick Command or engage/release nosewheel steering.

Finally, a multipurpose trigger switch on the front side disconnects autopilot, air refueling, and more.

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