Quiz | Many Can’t Name These Planes By Their Closeups

Quiz | Many Can’t Name These Planes By Their Closeups | World War Wings Videos

Try Your Luck On This One.

It’s that time when we finally sat down and mustered up the strength to make another quiz. The reason that it took us a bit longer to do so is because we really tried to stump you several times, and for the most part, you, our devoted World War II plane fanatics, have been crushing them. Our stats show that a vast majority of you are getting within the 90th percentile, so to remedy that we thought up another type of quiz.

This time we got some really high resolution images and zoomed in on them. Like, really, really close. What we focused on were some trademark features of these planes, but you will really need to know your World War II planes to get them. We figure you’ll get most of these right anyway (judging by your past performance) but it won’t be a walk in the park. We’ll also try to trip you up on the answers too, making them appear similar.

Let’s see how you do and as always, share your results in the Facebook comment section so we know how you did. Any and all comments and suggestions for future quizzes are welcome.

Ok, let’s do this.

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