Racist Looney Tunes WWII Propaganda Film – Not For The Easily Offended

Racist Looney Tunes WWII Propaganda Film – Not For The Easily Offended | World War Wings Videos

Warner Bros.

Tokio Jokio.

War isn’t pretty, but it takes a lot for war to be funny. But sometimes you have to laugh at the absurdity of war and the ridiculousness of your enemies. Fortunately, we had the Looney Tunes to poke fun at the Axis Powers in plenty of short animated films throughout WWII.

Tokio Jokio was a short that ridiculed Imperial Japan and Germany during WWII. It was directed by Norm McCabe who also brought the public WWII-era cartoons such as the Ducktators. Tokio Jokio was screened before films to boost American morale and by mocking the Japanese.

Tokio Jokio has come under fire for racist depictions of the Japanese. It was a different time and a different place and the majority of anti-Japanese propaganda depicted them as fanged or buck tooth, even Dr. Suess did it. It was a way laughing your enemy for the sake of humor. Like many WWII-cartoons Warner Bros. doesn’t like to bring up this kind of material so it gets swept under the rug, along with other so-called stereotype characters such as Speedy Gonzalez.

There are some people complain about the depiction of a culture in a cartoon but they don’t raise a peep when they watch films of them in combat, they tend to lose some moral high-ground in the process. Anyway, here is Tokio Jokio one of the most famous cartoons produced during WWII.

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