RC A-10 Warthog VS Tank- The Fun Is As Real As It Gets

RC A-10 Warthog VS Tank- The Fun Is As Real As It Gets | World War Wings Videos

FliteTest / YouTube

The Bigger The Boys The Bigger The Toys.

The guy at the YouTube channel called FliteTest just gave us another fantastic video. Last time we shared their work we showed you folks their 3D printed Spitfire which looked amazing, but this time they did something we’ve never seen before.

An A-10A during Operation Allied Force. | U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Greg L. Davis / Public Domain

They attached BB guns on the nose of an A-10 Warthog and one on a remote controlled tank. Then, they pitted them against each other. To makes it even more spectacular, some there was a camera inside of the cockpit so you get a really neat perspective of the duel and to top things off the BBs had tracers too so you can see rounds flying both ways. 

If you go to their YouTube channel, they also have a ton of links pointing to every part of the project. From the models they used to how they actually put them together, you can find out exactly how they did all this in case, you know, want to recreate this in your own backyard.

If you do, please send us some videos. We’d greatly appreciate it.

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