RC A-10 Warthog With Onboard Camera

RC A-10 Warthog With Onboard Camera | World War Wings Videos

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That View!

It’s so cool it made me want to have one exactly like this! What’s better than the usual RC models? It’s when they’re highly detailed. And if you think that’s it, wait until you see its working flare dispensers. It’s so bad ass! And there’s even a simulated attack. Okay, I am beyond impressed here. You can’t help but appreciate the onboard cam — it gives you a bird’s eye view of everything. Besides, it makes you feel like you’re flying the RC too. Gotta love that smooth landing — the one with the controls is one heck of a pilot.

I’m pretty certain building this model took plenty of time, money and a bucket full of patience. Think about the details in every inch of the plane — whoever designed and built this, hats off to you sir! I wouldn’t be able to make one, not in a million years. But well, at least I have this video to watch over and over again.

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