Two GIANT SCALE B-52 Stratofortresses: CRASH LANDING!

Two GIANT SCALE B-52 Stratofortresses: CRASH LANDING! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Justwingit

Beautiful Planes

This video features two Giant EDF B-52s that have been flying at different Las Vegas RC events for years.

And what do we have to say? These are beautiful RCs- you can even hear the gust of the wind pick up as soon as the last plane tried to land. Also, the amount of work that went into these model planes is absolutely impressive. We can’t imagine the costs of building and maintaining them in absolute top shape.

YouTube / Justwingit

We’re so in love with the sound of these jets, and seeing them fly. The landing of the first plane was near perfect. Meanwhile, the second caught some wind when it was coming down to land. Although the glide looked like it was under control, the sudden turn stalled it. We hope it can still be repaired!

YouTube / Justwingit

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