RC F-100 Last Flight Before Crash

RC F-100 Last Flight Before Crash | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Rc Plane Display

A Masterpiece?

This classic remote-controlled USAF F-100 Thunderjet is only a 1:7 scale model, yet its small size packs a mean punch. Coming in with a wingspan of 1.65m and a takeoff weight of 15.5 kg, this F-100 is equipped with a high-performing BF-140 turbine engine.

The F-100 looked very realistic as it did several high-speed maneuvers at FMC Kinzigtal Airfield, showcasing its incredible flight characteristics and maneuverability. 

Unfortunately, this F-100 would later crash due to flight control issues on its next flight. The aircraft veered off to the right that time and did a nosedive into the forest right after.

You can watch the crash in this video below:


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