RC Helicopter Firing Rockets

RC Helicopter Firing Rockets | World War Wings Videos


This Is Pretty Neat.

We always search for the neatest aviation related videos and stories online so you can be entertained and/or learn something new. As you’ll see, we’ve done it again with this video.

Mi-8’s were first built in 1961 by the Soviet Union and are used by over 80 different countries.

This remote controlled Mil Mi-8 is truly a one of a kind for many reasons. To start off, we’ll fess up to something we did. While perusing the internet, we got lost on Youtube and accidentally stumbled upon this video. The word “RC” passed right by us, so we actually thought we were watching a real Mi-8 flying around. This is how real this awesome model looks.

The best part of this are of course the rockets (or rigged fireworks we’re assuming). Now, before anyone gets all wound up as to safety and this or that, just take this video for its entertainment value. This is pretty darn cool and that’s the bottom line. As long as you don’t fly this thing to your neighbor’s yard and fire it inside his house because he didn’t let you borrow his lawnmower, then everything is good. Enjoy!

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