RC Model Crash Compilation – Try Not To Cringe

RC Model Crash Compilation – Try Not To Cringe | World War Wings Videos



Remote-controlled planes are always a ton of fun and a great way to spend an afternoon. You can pick and choose your favorite planes whether they be from WWII, or a modern fighter it’s just great to take them for a spin. But there is also a guilty pleasure in seeing a well-crafted RC model hit the ground hard, you just can’t turn away.

Even the most experienced veterans of RC model flight will hit some snags here and there. A malfunction in the wiring, an engine misfire or getting caught in a tree any of these things can happen while flying an RC plane and so much more.

The RC model enthusiast better known as RCHeliJet attends just about RC plane show out there so he’s picked up some great footage over the years. So it makes sense that he has picked up some of the messy RC model accidents along the way. So watch as these planes crash and burn in this awesome video clip. And the best part is no one gets hurt except for the pilot’s pride.

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