RC Snoopy’s “Flying Dog House” With High-Speed Quad Engines

RC Snoopy’s “Flying Dog House” With High-Speed Quad Engines | World War Wings Videos

(RC Geek)

Red Baron.

We all love Peanuts the classic comic strip by the Charles Schultz. At one point or another, the cute comic strip has touched our lives. These stories about Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock Lucy, Linus, Pigpen and the rest are just hard not to love. One of the Peanuts images that resonate the most with modern audiences is Snoopy flying around on his doghouse in a fierce dogfight again the Red Baron.

Since 1965, audiences have seen Snoopy in his imaginary state as a WWI flying ace soaring in his doghouse. Snoopy’s head in the clouds as he combats the Red Baron time and time again.

You don’t actually see the Red Baron, it continues the ongoing joke of never showing adults. Snoopy’s dream of battling Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) may just be a dream, but it’s one that fans all over the world have come to love.

“I discovered that I had something good going and I let Snoopy’s imagination go wild.”

– Charles Schultz (Peanuts creator)

Some fans have even gone so far as to create an RC model based on Snoopy’s Doghouse. Check out this great video that shows what Snoopy’s doghouse can do when it gets upgraded with quad engines. Be sure to check out The RC Geek channel for more great RC videos.

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