RC WARBIRD SKYRAIDER A1 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RCHeliJet

A Very Detailed Skyraider

Amazing camera angles? Check. Great music choice? Check. Awesome remote-controlled plane? Check! The intro of this A-1 Skyraider scale model sets the tone for the whole video.

You might have noticed that this scale model only has a two-blade propeller. According to CircuitDigest, this is done to lighten the load and enable the use of fewer yet powerful motors, meaning speed and efficiency are prioritized compared to stability and thrust given by three(or more)-bladed props. 

As the music slowly fades away, we finally get to hear the beautiful sound of the Skyraider. The plane flew over the airfield, leaving a trail of white smoke behind it. Of course, a demo flight of an aircraft like this wouldn’t be complete with high-speed, low passes and rolls, which it did gracefully. 

You don’t want to miss this Skyraider in action. Check it out below!


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