Really Neat Animation Of The History Of Air Force One And All The Aircraft That Were Used

Harrison Ford Approves.

The big jump in aviation technology during World War II was the reason Presidents started flying more. Before that, planes were not reliable and presidents preferred to travel via train around the continental United States. Once proven during the war, however, they got around a lot faster and with more style than before. Fast forward to today and we’ve got two decked out 747-200s flying our POTUS.

This short video will tell you almost all (we’ve skipped a couple that were used for months or just a single time) the aircraft the presidents used. We even found out some great facts that predate the official use of Air Force One.

For example, did you know Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to actually fly? Well yes, he was and it was back in 1911.

We got some more great info in the video so check it out. Also, drop us a comment on our Facebook page and let us know how we did. We appreciate your feedback.

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