Reporter Shoots AR-15, Claims PTSD–You’ve Got To See This

Reporter Shoots AR-15, Claims PTSD–You’ve Got To See This | World War Wings Videos


This Is So Bad It’s Actually Funny.

Anytime you turn on the news, pick up a newspaper or look at your phone, you can’t help to hear something about banning guns. Recent shootings and mass shootings in general have been rampant, however, we’re not going to discuss causes or policies.

That’s a very heated conversation.

What we’re going to point out is how a reporter can try to “investigate military-style weapons” which are available to the public and share his so called conclusions with the public. Strap in folks, because this should be insane/funny no matter what side of the issue you’re on.

Gersh Kuntzman, a reporter for the New York Daily News went to a gun range in Philadelphia to do a piece on the AR-15 rife. Since it was used in the tragic shooting in Florida last week, it was only fair to go there and vilify it….I mean do research on it.

His whole piece starts off with general observations about the AR-15 such as saying that it’s “a style of semi-automatic rifle popular with mass killers.”

Great, good to know you’re going to be open mined throughout your report.

The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick.”-Gersh Huntzman

Prefacing with the fact that he was terrified to go shoot an AR-15 in the first place, he went ahead and fired it with the supervision of gun shop owner Frank Stelmach. The results were staggering. aaalrighty-then

As you can imagine, the rifle fired bullets like it was supposed to, one at a time. Kuntzman admitted that he’d shot pistols before, but this was different. Reading his account, I wouldn’t be surprised if the experience changed his life as a matter of fact.

Comparing it to a bazooka, it was so loud that he was petrified. He even claimed temporary PTSD, saying the recoil bruised his shoulder and the “explosions” made him anxious and irritable.

He did apologize later as the backlash to his PTSD comment hit him faster than an AR-15 bullet, but it was too little too late. This so called “investigative” report was nothing more than an attempt of NY Daily to swing popular opinion in favor of a gun ban.

That’s media for you and here’s a link to the article so you can see it with your own eyes.

To give you a bit of reference of this gun’s power, watch this 10 year old girl react to the “deafening explosions” and socket displacing recoil. It’s actually quite cute.


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