Revolutionizing Flight – World’s Most Advanced Turboprop Engine

Revolutionizing Flight – World’s Most Advanced Turboprop Engine | World War Wings Videos

(General Electric/YouTube)


Since the birth of the engine, there have been many innovations and advances into making it better and faster. The jet engine certainly helped in the area of innovation, but the turboprop engine still remains viable for aviation. The turboprop recently saw a major breakthrough the introduction of the General Electric GE93 Advanced Turboprop.

Older engines rely on many parts working independently of each other which needed to be controlled by the pilot. The GE93 is made up of only 12 parts rather than over 200 parts of normal turboprops in order to reduce weight and improve efficiency.

“Because the propeller and engines have never been really controlled as an integrated system, we developed very sophisticated computer models of the propeller as it interacts with the engine, engine inlet, the wing and fuselage.”

– Brad Mottier (Vice President of General Electric Business and General Aviation and Integrated Systems)

Turboprop engines have come a long way since their humble beginnings, moving upward and onward into the skies. Take look at the future of turboprop engine technology in this video care of General Electric.

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