Riding Inside Blue Angels’ C-130 Is Crazy-Watch The -G Forces

Riding Inside Blue Angels’ C-130 Is Crazy-Watch The -G Forces | World War Wings Videos

Something Most People Never Even Think About.

You folks have been with us for a while now (for which we thank you) and we’ve noticed, unsurprisingly, that you’re Blue Angels fans just like we are. Not that this should come as a shock since the Blues are one of the finest, if not THE finest, demonstration teams in the world.

At times, their jets fly about 18 inches appart from each other, making this job both exciting and really dangerous. We’ve shown you everything from their spectacular takeoffs to formation loops and every time we all see it we are borderline stunned. Their professionalism and precision are unmatched and they bring their A-game to every show.

Although we always write about the Hornets, we noticed that we only mentioned Fat Albert a few times. The beginning of the show when this agile C-130T Hercules takes off is pretty spectacular, but the jets of course are the main event. When we did some digging into it however, we discovered something extremely exciting.

Because the pilot of Fat Albert does really impressive maneuvers, there are also G-forces taking place onboard that no one really thinks about. Check out this video and see for yourself how fun riding in Fat Albert actually is. Although being in the back of #7 is preferable, we’re sure this ride is plenty fun onto itself.

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