Rogue Drone Hits Woman Right On Her Head

Rogue Drone Hits Woman Right On Her Head | World War Wings Videos

Are Drones Really That Safe?

Drones can be fun. You can attach your adventure cameras and take aerial shots or use it for surveillance and even delivery. Yes, we can go on and on about all the perks of having this fancy little robotic aircraft. But then, like every other technology out there, it doesn’t work flawlessly. It can run into problems every now and then especially the cheaper ones. There are various recorded instances wherein the drone falls or crashes — some of them are hilarious and others are quite spectacular but while the loss of expensive equipment is heartbreaking, there’s nothing worse than a crash that can hurt someone.

As shown on the video, a drone just came out of nowhere and crashed into the woman’s head. The propellers alone can tangle her hair and injure her but what concerned me more was the weight of the entire mini aircraft. We’re not sure what happened next but we hope she’s okay and no serious harm was done.

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