Rolls-Royce Tank Engine First Startup In 30 Years

Rolls-Royce Tank Engine First Startup In 30 Years | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Mr Hewes

Beast Coming Back to Life- Pure Raw Power

Will this Rolls-Royce engine start-up after 30 years? The answer is yes, and the sound is amazing!

Seeing old engines come back to life gives us goosebumps every single time. And the fact that it was really loading up on fuel- love the sound of these V12 Rolls-Royce engines. The raw sound of those open heads breathing fire looks super awesome, and is definitely a testament to how good the build quality, and the engineering of Rolls-Royce engines are.

Just imagine how insane the sounds are in real life. Definitely a great watch- perhaps one of the most satisfying engine start videos we’ve seen and one of the best cold starts we’ve come across.

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