Rotting Remains Of Soviet Bomber Discovered Near Nazi Concentration Camp

Rotting Remains Of Soviet Bomber Discovered Near Nazi Concentration Camp | World War Wings Videos

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The concentration camp Auschwitz still draws up some of the most morbid imagery ever witnessed in human history. Nearly two million Jews, Polish citizens, Roma, and prisoners of war lost their lives in this horrible place being gassed and starved worked to death. When the Soviets arrived at Auschwitz to liberate the camp a battle broke out and few remnants of that conflict still remain.

“A legend had long been circulated in Auschwitz about a wrecked Soviet plane but no one knew where it was.”

– Artur Chongala (Close Places of Memory Fund)

A Polish carp fisherman was draining a nearby lake when he stumbled upon the remains of a WWII-era Soviet bomber. The plane was shot down in January of 1945 as the Soviets liberated the camp from the control of Nazi Germany. There are no remains of crewmen nearby and it is uncertain if they escaped to safety.

“We recovered several fragments, by which we were able to make it clear that this was precisely an Il-4 plane.”

– Artur Chongala (Close Places of Memory Fund)

The remains are currently being examined and an effort is being put forth to discover the identity of the pilots. More than 70 years after the horrors of the holocaust there are still many secrets yet to learn from this horrible place. This film of a flight over Auschwitz shows full well the sense of dread still lingering around the concentration camp.

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