What Is Russia’s Biggest Attack Frigate Really Capable Of In Combat?

What Is Russia’s Biggest Attack Frigate Really Capable Of In Combat? | World War Wings Videos

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The newest addition to Russia’s Navy the Admiral Gorshkov-Class, their biggest combat frigate. Only one of the Gorshkov-Class frigates have been completed with as another 14 planning to join their fleet. So what is Russia’s newest combat frigate truly capable of doing?

The Admiral Gorshkov-Class is actually suited for multiple roles including escort missions, long-range strikes, and anti-submarine warfare. At a length of 443 feet, cruising a speed of 29.5 knots with a range of nearly 5,000 nautical miles it is a highly capable vessel.

“Many other frigates are focused on specific tasks, such as anti-air warfare, or anti-submarine warfare. This Russian frigate was designed to perform multiple roles, such as perform long-range attacks against surface targets and ships, conduct anti-submarine warfare, carry out escort missions and be deployed in a variety of situations that a general frigate class would not be able to fulfill.”

The ship’s onboard weaponry includes land attack cruise missiles, a huge 130mm A-192 gun, and air defense missiles just to name a few. The Russian Navy has declassified this video clip of the Admiral Gorshkov-Class frigate in action on the high seas.

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