Several F-16s Swarm The Skies

Several F-16s Swarm The Skies | World War Wings Videos

Reddit/ u/-italkshit-

A Mission Exercise?

How many F-16s do you get to see in one day? 

This video taken in Denmark shows a swarm of F-16s performing low-altitude high-speed passes. 

The video starts off pretty mildly; two F-16s flew toward the camera until another F-16  suddenly emerged from the same area where they disappeared. After that was abrupt chaos; several pairs of F-16s were doing several passes with just a few feet separating them. It was hard to keep up!

One might even think this was CGI or a couple of RC models, but they’re not.

According to the uploader, the footage was taken at Air Base Karup – the main air base of the Royal Danish Air Force. 

Those guys on the ground were lucky to see this up close. Imagine what that sounded like in real life.

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