Shiny, Fast And Flawless – RC P-51 Mustang Soaring In The Sun

Shiny, Fast And Flawless – RC P-51 Mustang Soaring In The Sun | World War Wings Videos


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Fans of RC planes had great reason to celebrate the annual Family Day at MG Duebendorf. Family Day comes but once a year an entire military airfield is dedicated to families who love to fly RC aircraft.

“Members of Modellfluggruppe Dübendorf fly on the grounds of Dübendorf airfield, which lies in a plane of the upper Glattal. Since this is a military airfield, the public access is only permitted to the model airfield.”

Taking center stage at Modellfluggruppe Dübendorf’s Family Day is a huge, shiny RC P-51 Mustang. Dubbed “The Excalibur” it has no trouble at all when it starts slicing through the air. The sheer presence of plane is enough to inspire anyone to fly it. When it starts going through the air and reflecting the sun just right. Honestly, you see so many lens flares that you could swear this clip is being recorded by J.J. Abrams.

U. Maylander the pilot is a talented and lucky guy who really knows how to bring out the best in his Mustang. If you don’t believe me and see for yourself in the Family Day flyby video from RCHeliJet.

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