Ship Diesel Engine Start Up

Ship Diesel Engine Start Up | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / HD1080ide

60-Year-Old Ship Powered by a Dynamic Diesel Engine

Known as the ‘White Swan of the South Atlantic’, the MS Cap San Diego sailed the South Atlantic between 1961 to 1988. It mainly transported goods like cocoa, coffee, cotton, and clothing in Germany.

When the ship was retired, it was converted into a museum. Don’t be fooled though, as the ‘White Swan’ is still deemed seaworthy. The 60-year-old ship is powered by the 9-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine MAN K9Z 78/140 D. This 11650 hp engine weighs about 501,5 tons and is 15,75 meters long, 9,8 meters high.When at full speed, the engine room can heat up to up to 40 °C.

The footage was taken on August 2022 at the passage of the Kiel Canal (NOK) from Rendsburg to Hamburg.

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