Sickening Vandals Deface Iconic WWII Memorial

Sickening Vandals Deface Iconic WWII Memorial | World War Wings Videos

Bruce Aldrich

A New Low.

The Battle of Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest and ferocious conflicts of WWII. Nearly 7,000 American soldiers gave their lives in a fight that lasted over a month and marked its end by erection an American flag on the island territory. Many people all over the world know the statue commemorating this victory but unfortunately, that doesn’t stop lowlife punks from vandalizing it.

The Iwo Jima Memorial in Fall River, Massachusetts was vandalized by two hooded men using a fire extinguisher. This statue was erected in 2005 as a tribute to the soldiers who gave their lives to win the Pacific Theater of War during WWII.

Fortunately, the act of vandalism was committed with a fire extinguisher and could have been much worse. Officials estimate $5,000 worth of damages to the statue which mainly on the protective wax coating. There is a bit of good news from the Marine Corps League that helps the case progress further. Authorities found the discarded fire extinguisher and are hoping that they are able to traced fingerprints in order to apprehend the vandals.

“We have them on film from the surveillance cameras. You could see the fingerprints in the dust on the fire extinguisher. We’re hoping they’ll be able to get a print.”

– Commandant Bruce Aldrich (Marine Corps League’s Lance Corporal John J. Van Gyzen Detachment 1258)

The investigation is underway with several leads to finding the culprits. Vandalism is one thing but disrespected the legacy of men who fought against dictators bent on world domination is another.

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